Cannatrack Dashboard

Large amounts of raw data are often difficult for casual users to manipulate and interpret. Cannatrack is designed to be user friendly and accessible for all users.

We believe that for data to be useful, it needs to be accessible and relevant to all levels within an organization. With a Cannatrack subscription, we build your business a customized, online interface, putting priority reports and information at your fingertips.


Eliminate time-consuming, offline data manipulation.


Access an array of pre-built and customized reports with filters for demographics, location, habits, and more.


Build, save, and share new custom reports and visualizations for the information and data that drive your business decisions.


Access via any desktop or tablet web browser– no software installations required!


Instantly export data tables and graphs for use in Excel and presentation software.

Cannatrack Dashboard

Every Cannatrack subscription includes access to a custom visualization dashboard, allowing you to manipulate data in real time and export tables and charts for use in presentations or Excel.

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