Areas of Study

Cannatrack investigates the most important aspects of cannabis consumption and sales to help businesses understand the marketplace and unlock growth. To ensure we capture a comprehensive view of the total industry, we gather data related to medical and recreational use across both legal and illicit markets.

Demographics & Locations

Age, gender, location, income level, and other demographic information about consumers and shoppers.

Consumption Behaviour

How, when, where, and why people consume cannabis. We capture consumption data related to medical, therapeutic, and recreational use, including use of CBD only products.

Shopping Behavior

When, where, why, and in what formats shoppers are buying cannabis. We capture detailed shopping data from all cannabis sources, including prescription medical sales.

Brand Health

Understand brand awareness (both aided and unaided), as well as trial and consumption patterns of brands within their respective markets.

Cannatrack Dashboard

Every Cannatrack subscription includes access to a custom visualization dashboard, allowing you to manipulate data in real time and export tables and charts for use in presentations or Excel.

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