About Cannatrack

Cannatrack is the world’s largest, most comprehensive ongoing cannabis consumption study. The response data captures behavior from recreational and medical cannabis markets around the world, including Canada, the US, and countries across Latin America and the European Union).


Largest Study of Its Kind

By polling consumers from our research panel of over 11 million people, Cannatrack uncovers consumer and shopper-based patterns and insights about the global cannabis industry. To ensure the widest array of possible responses, we’re careful not to resample consumers, ensuring that 100% of the people we poll are unique individuals each year.


Find growth opportunities to inform your business and marketing strategies

Cannatrack’s data covers consumption and shopping data from both legal (recreational + medicinal) and illegal sources allowing you to understand the performance of the entire market and identify areas of focus to help maximize the efficiency of marketing and sales activities.

With Cannatrack, you can identify:

  • Heavy, medium and light users of the category – how they behave and interact with the category
  • Which formats are most common and which are the fastest growing
  • Which brands are consumers aware of and how often they’re consumed
  • Which occasions Cannabis are most commonly used in and what motivations drive greater consumption
  • Shopper behaviour and purchase frequency, including primary purchase drivers within the trade

Cannatrack Dashboard

Every Cannatrack subscription includes access to a custom visualization dashboard, allowing you to manipulate data in real time and export tables and charts for use in presentations or Excel.

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